Many a prayer ascended to the throne of God that an Assembly of God would be established in Crawfordsville, Indiana. At times, it looked as if God had not heard; but, He did hear and sent an answer.


Reverend and Mrs. Lloyd Clements answered the leading of the Lord to come to Crawfordsville. They began laying the foundation for a future Assembly of God. At this time, Ezra Newton and Marion Walls were the only A/G members in town. They worshiped in a rented hall downtown.


Mr. and Mrs. Denham, along with their daughter Elma, moved near Crawfordsville to help establish an Assembly. They, along with Reverend and Mrs. Clements, labored faithfully for two years, holding together a small group of people who were interested in the full Gospel message.


Reverend Clements accepted the pastorate at Richmond, Indiana, and, for the next year, the work was without leadership. Prayer continued to be made for the church. The congregation gathered together in Mrs. Walls home; and later, they met at the Denham's home for Sunday school and Sunday afternoon services.


The Lord was faithful in answering prayer. In June, Reverend Warren Phifer and his wife accepted the challenge in Crawfordsville. Services were again held in a tent. A lot on on Wilson Street and College Avenue was purchased and given to the church. In October, a portable tabernacle, a Quonset hut, was purchased and erected on the newly purchased lot. In a small time, the Sunday School grew from just a few to fifty.


On October 28, charter membership was drawn up, with Reverend Dale Zink, district secretary, in charge. The membership included: Florence Foster, Sarah Foster, Maxine Leitze, Ezra Newton, James Worth and Mrs. William Daugherty.


On January 27, the first election of church officers was held. During Reverend Phifer's pastorate, the lot at 1509 E Main Street was purchased.


In April, Reverend Phifer left the church for a pastorate in Missouri. Reverend Vern Stoops and his wife became the pastors of First Assembly. The church facility located on Main Street and Wabash Avenue was begun in this year, and the little church on Wilson Street and College Avenue was sold. Until the new facility was complete, services were held in the Seven Day Adventist building on Whitlock Avenue.

This was the congregation of First Assembly of God in 1953.


The first service was held in the new building on Main Street and Wabash Avenue in May 1954.


On October 7, Reverend Vern Stoops resigned to accept a pastorate in New Jersey. On October 28, Reverend C. E. Fussell was voted in as pastor. Several improvements to the facility were made during his pastorate, along with the church's name being changed from Crawfordsville Assembly to First Assembly of God.


On January 11, the church was incorporated as First Assembly of God, Crawfordsville, Indiana.


On February 16, Reverend John E. Smith accepted the call to Crawfordsville; and for six years, he pastored. During his pastorate, the adjoining two lots were purchased.


On November 1, Reverend R. L. Covington and his wife accepted the pastorate.


In April, ground was broken for a new sanctuary on Main Street and Wabash Avenue. It was completed in October. It was also in this year that Reverend E. C. Summerfield and his wife, Marian, began pastoring.


Reverend Jerry Parritt and his wife, Carol, accepted the pastorate. They pastored until 1976.


Following Reverend Parritt, Reverend David Wigington and his wife, Candy, pastored. 


Reverend Randy Hopkins and his wife, Vickie, pastored First Assembly from 1978 to 1979.


Reverend John Utz pastored from 1979 to 1981.


Following Reverend Utz, Reverend J. P. Friend and his wife, Irene, accepted the pastorate.
During their pastorate, a middle section of the church facility at 1509 E Main Street was completed, which gave the church Sunday school space. 


Reverend Gary Hanson and his wife, Carol, began pastoring First Assembly.


Renovations of the fellowship hall were completed.


Ten acres of land were purchased, east of town, on State Road 32, and the building program was launched for the current facility.


Following Reverend Hanson, Reverend Michael Stewart and his wife, Amanda, began pastoring. They continued the building program, seeing the current facilities built during their pastorate.


On January 2, ground was broken for the Family Life Center facility at 2070 Lebanon Road.


In May, Reverend Rodger Garland and his wife, Michelle, began pastoring First Assembly. 


Following Reverend Garland, Reverend Al Davis pastored First Assembly.


In May, Reverend Bill Parks and his wife, Esther, began pastoring First Assembly.


On June 28, Reverend Bill and Esther Parks moved back to Ligonier, IN and Reverend Rob Hughes and his wife Donna, began pastoring First Assembly.


On December 31, Reverend Rob and Donna Hughes moved on to other ministry opportunities.