May 2019

Looking for Disciples

In his continuation of the “Fearless” series, Chris looks at Mark 1:16 – 20, and Luke 6:12 – 16. He reminds us that our lives need to be so deep in God and so full of God that, like a fruitful bough, our lives extend over into others lives with Jesus. Jesus is not simply looking for believers; He wants disciples, those whom He can bring close.

Mandates For the Last Days

What kind of lives are believers to live in the context of the last days? Chris answers that question and shows three mandates from the book of Jude 1 that believers must ingraft into their lives to be effective in these last days.

April 2019


In this message, Chris references Psalm 63 and looks at our need to seek God in this age of self. If there is going to be real revival in our hour, we have to become less impressed with ourselves and recognize how much we need God. The more we focus on ourselves, the less we focus on God. And when we make it all about us, we are then limited to our abilities and resources.


What do you do after the revival? After God has shown up? Is church a process or an event? Referencing Matthew 16:13 – 26, Chris shows us three things to which we need to pay attention after we have experienced a move of God. We must remember that our greatest temptation is not when things are going bad, but when things are going well for us.


Wrapping up the “Fanning the Flame” services, Chris brings us a message entitled “Who Moved the Stone?” Referencing 1 Corinthians 15:1 – 10, he breaks the Gospel down into three things: Christ died for our sins; He was buried and rose again; and He was seen after the resurrection–He was encountered.


In this message from our “Fanning the Flame” services, Bishop Rick Helton references the Layman’s Revival of 1857. He encourages us to stay in prayer because that is what brings the revival. And as we get revived ourselves, it will spread to our families, community, and world.


In this “Fanning the Flame” service, referencing Psalm 53:2 – 3, Pastor Richard Ware shows us the purpose of the flame in us. He reminds us that seeking God is intentional. And, the flame that burns in us was made by God, not us. That is why there is a pull in us towards Him.


During our “Fanning the Flame” services, we hear from Wade and Connie Urban. Wade shows us several symbolic uses of fire found in Scripture and aspects of fire. He shows us that fire falls on sacrifice and wherever there is a fire, there is evidence of its existence.


Per Aspera Ad Astra — “Through Hardships To the Stars”. Referencing 1 Peter 4:12 – 17, Chris shows us what to do when we find ourselves in a place of hardship.


In this message, Chris wraps up the “Prayer & Fasting” series with a fasting Q & A. He answers the questions that came in from the church family regarding fasting.