April 2019


In this message, Chris wraps up the “Prayer & Fasting” series with a fasting Q & A. He answers the questions that came in from the church family regarding fasting.

March 2019


In our continuation of the study of fasting, Chris references Matthew 6:1 – 21. He reminds us that we shouldn’t be surprised that when we determine to press into God, we encounter opposition. How should we react to that opposition? We must employ our three main weapons of faith–the Word of God, the Name of […]


One of the greatest resources, but most neglected, of all spiritual disciplines is fasting. Jesus spoke about the three secret aspects of a disciple’s life. He said, “WHEN you give…WHEN you pray…WHEN you fast.” Not IF. As we look at Matthew 17:14 – 21, Chris reminds us of the power available through the discipline of […]